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Founder of ZOTÉ

ZOTÉ is a sunglasses brand based in Dublin, Ireland. ZOTÉ was founded by a young entrepreneur in 2018 and established in 2020 with the help of another young entrepreneur.

ZOTÉ is all about feeling good, positive energy, good vibes and being comfortable in your own style.

We hope our unique styles, give you CONFIDENCE to truly be who you are. SHINE BRIGHT!!

We offer quality sunglasses at an affordable price which caters to all personal styles, genders and ages.

Whether you are in a chill, festive, happy, sexy or BOSS like mood, we have sunnies for you.

Our team is committed to providing long lasting customer relationships and making our customers look and feel good.

Wearing sunglasses has been proven to boost your overall mood and we aspire to do exactly that.

We are here to stay and to see the world through your eyes.  

Any questions? Contact us at infozote@gmail.com

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